Non Profit Fundraising – New In Kind Donation Fundraising Efforts are a Success

In the past three years charitable donations have decreased by nearly twenty percent. The lack of funds has caused many non profit organizations to pull their operations from the community and others to even shut down. Non profit organizations are turning to new fundraising methods to raise their funds,Guest Posting the Internet.

The Internet opens fundraising up to a in kind donations for nonprofits whole new world. The massive amounts of page views each month numbers in the billions. With this incredible traffic comes a huge increase in e-commerce. Over $42 billion dollars are spent online annually. Combining the Internet’s traffic and e-commerce has given birth to online fundraising. Online fundraising has already raised millions of dollars in the past few years for non profit organizations.

Online fundraising takes advantage of the incredible spending in e-commerce and allows online shoppers to support their favorite non profit organization. Each time shoppers make a purchase online they can donate a percent of the total purchase back to an organization of their choice. This is a very simple process.Each time a shopper goes online, they simply need to go through a free, online portal. At the portal they choose their favorite non profit organization and choose from hundreds of online merchants to shop from like Apple, Expedia, Wal-Mart, Fandango, Eastbay and more. After the merchant is selected shopping takes place as normal and after the purchase goes through a donation is sent to the selected organization. This process is incredibly simple and easy to use.

Non profits see the potential for huge online fundraising campaigns online and are urging their supporters to take part. Their new tag line, “make every purchase count” is being used to remind online shoppers how easy it is to support their favorite organization. Next time you shop online be sure to “Make Every Purchase Count” and support your favorite organization.